Energy innovation

Training centre

aimed at the needs of the wind energy industry.

The world’s most extensive wind energy qualification centre

Training facilities

Egersund Wind Hub will be a training centre specifically aimed at the needs of the wind energy industry. It redefines state-of-the-art technology, whereby the hub will offer combined onshore and offshore facilities that have never been realised in a single location with such versatility. The striking training tower on the site periphery will act as a beacon. The building of the centre starts in spring 2018, with the training tower as the first element to be installed.

In addition, the construction of two SkyWind wind turbines nearby could provide real life training and operation & maintainace experiences. This revolutionary and innovative wind turbine type forms not only part of the training concept but is also an integral part of the research and development at the university level. Furthermore, local expertise can be integrated through already established companies.

The training centre is divided into individual, flexibly designed training islands that enable both standardised and customer-specific training programmes with interchangeable, full-size components. The spatial separation and multiple equipment enable parallel training operations. The indoor islands are spread over an area large area and are supplemented by additional facilities in the outdoor training park:

Training halls

Hall 1

(HSE) 144m²,  12 m (length), 12 m (width), 10 m (height)

Training option:   
10-15 different Ladder Systems (Ladder rescue)
Rotor blade and hub rescue simulator
Rescue simulator for “confined spaces”
Rescue simulator for “rescue from depth”
Rescue of free hanging person
Evacuation procedures

Floor loadability: regular

Hall 2

(Rotor blades) 3200 m²: 80 m (length), 40 m (width), 12 m (height)
Crane system: 2 x 10 t
Underfloor cabling
2 x 5 m x 5 m gates

Floor loadability: Heavy load floor

Hall 3

(Tech.) 1200 m²: 40 m (length), 30 m (width), 18 m (height)
Crane system: 40 t and 20 t
Underfloor cabling
5 m x 5 m and 3 m x 3 m gates

Floor loadability: Heavy load floor

Hall 4

(offshore) 750 m² Training pool: 12 m x 12 m x 6 m
5-tonne crane system