What is Egersund Energy Hub?

Egersund Energy Hub is a center for environmental technology and renewable energy, emphasizing development, O&M, training and education within on- and offshore wind power.

Egersund Energy Hub is a collaboration between companies and organization that provide services and promote business development and innovation in on- and offshore wind energy along with other renewable energy, environmental technology, energy efficiency, and related activities.

Egersund Energy Hub is part of Egersund Næringspark Langholmen. The hub is strategically located in the middle of southern Norway's largest wind farm developments and the epicenter of the forthcoming development of offshore wind in Norway.
Through the energy operator education for operation and maintenance of wind and water turbines at Dalane upper secondary school, Norway’s only education for wind technicians has been established in the hub from the school year 2021/2022.
Training and certification
Energy Innovation offer a full range of Global Wind Organization (GWO) courses for the safety, operation and maintenance of wind turbines on- and offshore in Norway. In addition, we offer a supplement and several other courses for companies and industry. 

We are currently working to establish longer courses for wind turbine technicians to meet the demand for wind technicians in a rapidly growing market for on- and offshore winds in Norway, Europe, and other parts of the world.
Operation and maintenance
Several participants in Egersund Energy Hub work on the operation and maintenance of wind farms on- and offshore.

Research and development
Egersund Energy Hub enables close collaboration with research and development institutes by offering facilities and an expert network. We provide the same offer for other research and development activities related to renewable energy and green technology. 

Egersund Energy Hub has already established a close collaboration with NORCE and the University of Stavanger. We are also a partner in the Norwegian Catapult Center, a center for sustainable energy and facilitator of testing and demos within renewable energy and environmental technology equipment and services.
Coworking Space

Separate Coworking space has been established, organized through a collaboration between Energy Innovation and Eigersund Næring og Havn. Efforts are now being made to establish an entrepreneurial hub through a collaboration between Energy Innovation, Eigersund Næring og Havn, Eigersund Municipality, and Validé. 
The center is based on the triple helix model: Innovation through co-location and interaction between 1) commercial activities, 2) education, research, and development, and 3) the authorities.