Design and development

  • Design, planning, procedure development, testing, and installation
  • Complete foundation solutions
  • Casting operations with special concrete
  • Casting in connection with the development of wind farms
  • Concrete work
  • Foundation for wind turbines

Inspection and testing:

  • Interdisciplinary services and equipment within the inspection, repair, and maintenance in combination with rope access engineering/work  
  • Maintenance services throughout wind farm lifetime
  • Control of fire extinguishers
  • Calibration of torque wrench
  • Blade inspection
  • Inspection, Operation and Maintenance services for the wind industry, both on- and offshore
  • Methodology development and streamlining of maintenance services of wind turbines throughout the lifetime

Tools And Machines For Rent

  • Workwear
  • Personal protective equipment 
  • Construction machinery, scaffolding, Securing
  • Lifts, Trucks, Construction Lifts
  • Building heater & dryer

Courses and certification:

Globl Wind Organisation (GWO) Courses for the Wind Industry
  • GWO Working at Heights
  • ​GWO First Aid
  • GWO Fire Awarness 
  • GWO Manual handling 
  • GWO Advanced Recue Training 
  • GWO Boat Transfer Training
  • ​GWO Sea Survial
  • ​GWO Enhanced First Aid 
  • GWO Blade Repair
  • GWO Basic Technical Training (autumn 2021)
  • BZEE Long term wind technician training (autumn 2021)

Workshop and maintenance

  • Hydraulics
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Blade repair
  • Maintenance solutions within Ship, Rig, and Industry
  • Multidisciplinary services and equipment within the inspection, repair, and maintenance in combination with rope access engineering/work

Innovation, Research, and development

  • Research assignments within a wide range of technical and social science disciplines with a primary focus on energy systems, integrated energy solutions, and energy efficiency visions to reduce the impact on climate and the environment
  • Innovation and knowledge consulting for the public and private sector
  • Active participation and management of the Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster.
  • Initiation and management of several innovation research and development projects
  • In-depth expertise on policy instruments both nationally and internationally
  • Offers facilitation for master's and doctoral students and researchers in on- and offshore wind and environmental technology

Personnel and assignments

  • Measurement and control of foundations for wind turbines
  • Bolt clamping
  • Service personnel on- and offshore
  • Transport services with crane trucks
  • Fall protection, including certification