GWO and BZEE Centre for training, development and operation & maintenance for

Wind Energy

Onshore and Offshore

Energy Innovation AS  is a centre for training, certification, education, development and innovation in the field of onshore and offshore wind power. Our focus is on renewable energy and environmental technology. Energy Innovation AS offers numerous training modules according to BZEE standards and Global Wind Organisation (GWO) standards ISO29990 including Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) for rescue services, industry, construction, and heavy equipment.  

We will also provide technical courses and maintenance services for offshore and offshore winds, and sales and rental of CE approved standard equipment. Energy Innovation AS is located at Langholmen in Egersund, the west coast of Norway. Just one hour south of Stavanger (SVG) Airport, Sola.

Energy Innovation AS and Westcon Løfteteknikk AS has partnered with BZEE Academy GmbH Germany, and in cooperation with Seabrokers Eiendom AS, and Bertelsen & Garpestad AS to establish the Egersund Energy Hub.  

The first courses started Autumn 2018. Currently,  we offer HSE courses within GWO and BZEE standards at our temporary location in Langholmen.  A new building complex for the Egersund Energy Hub is now under construction and will be ready for grand opening summer of 2020. 

Energy Innovation AS offers assistance in business development and innovation in energy and environmental technology. We cooperate closely with NORCE (formerly IRIS - International Research Institute of Stavanger) and other Norwegian and foreign research institutes.  We also collaborate closely with Validé, both in Stavanger and locally through Validé Dalane.


Egersund Energy Hub Langholmen

Our goal is to build the world's most extensive wind energy qualification centre in a new, structurally contiguous complex in the Port of Egersund, in the heart of the Rogaland region. The upcoming, brand new Egersund Energy Hub at Langholmen in Egersund will have several different companies collocated together with Energy Innovation, developing strong synergies between different players in the energy, engineering and industrial sector, and in training, certification, education and R&D. The constructions of the centre have started and will be finished during the first half of 2019. However - The training tower will be stranding during April 2018, and we will plan for the start of training from April / May 2018.

Training programs

In close cooperation with Westcon Lifting Technique we will provide certification both for GWO (Global Wind Organisation) and for the more extensive BZEE standard, providing possible more than 80 different training modules altogether. For GWO we will provide all 5 modules in safety training, both basics and refreshers at the Egersund Energy Hub, as a one-stop shop: 1) First Aid,  2) Manual handling, 3) Fire Awareness, 4) Working at Heights and 5) Sea Survival. Together with us in the centre - the vocational education of Energy Operators for wind and hydropower at Dalane Upper Secondary School will be located.


Building Norways first fully complete training center for wind energy

Indoor facilities

Climbing wall with 10-15 different ladder systems for rescue.
High rescue platform. Helicopter winch training.
Rotor blade and hub rescue simulator. Evacuation procedures.
Labs for mechanics, hydraulics and electronics.
Classroom and meeting rooms, office facilities 

Outdoor facilities

30-metre training tower.
Various boat landing systems on different simulators.
Extensive advance fire fighting training range.
Real Helicopter winch training.

Training programmes

All GWO HSE modules. All BZEE HSE modules.
A large number of other BZEE modules
A number of cources for industry and building and construction 
Development and testing of manufacturer-specific safety concepts. 

Our vision