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Center for Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology

The following companies are partners in Egersund Energy Hub 

Energy Innovation coordinates the Egersund Energy Hub. We develop a center for training, certification, education, development and innovation in onshore and offshore wind power in particular, and renewable energy and environmental technology in general. Energy Innovation assists companies in innovation projects and research and development, Eco-lighthouse certification, GWO safety courses for the wind industry, safety courses for industry, construction and engineering and technical courses for the wind industry, construction and civil engineering. We are now working to provide drone inspection of wind turbines, onshore and offshore. 

Espeland Energi AS offers inspection, operating and maintenance services for the wind industry, both onshore and offshore. This includes the use of rope access and blade inspection and blade repair. We are now building Norwegian expertise, but we are further collaborating with the company Grindinta from Lithuania, which has personnel with long experience from work in wind parks across Europe, both onshore and offshore. Visit our homepage (click on the logo on the right) for more information, or contact project manager Odin Moen directly at / tel. +47 902 91 452.


Espeland AS is a general contractor with special expertise in concrete. We handle general contracting, main contracting and concrete work such as stairs, house and cottage grounds, bridges and large industrial buildings. Our employees are skilled workers. Espeland AS delivers by the Espeland standard. That means we arrive on time. We deliver quality and we finish as planned. We also supply foundations for wind turbines. 

We who work in the neighbor are thorough, knowledgeable, environmentally conscious and decent people. We believe that great things happen where enthusiasm is the driving force! We offer rental of lifts, construction machinery, construction & small equipment, construction elevator, building heat & dry, electrical, modules & container, scaffolding & fuse and trailers! Is there anything your company or you as a private individual need - get in touch! Neighbor Egersund: - tel. +47 51 49 20 20 / Watch Phone: 481 31 157


SRI Service AS provides maintenance solutions within Ship, Rig and Industry. We also have expertise in bolt tension and have delivered our services to several wind farms by mounting the Rock Adapter. We also have good solutions, if rock anchors should come loose under tension, as well as equipment for efficient cleaning and preparation of Rock Adapter. SRI Services is approved in Achilles and has flange course NS-EN 1591-4 for tensioning and work on flanges in oil and gas.

Westcon Løfteteknikk AS (WCL) is Norway's leading total supplier of products and services within crane and lift. We offer you and your company a complete concept that includes the sale and rental of cranes and lifting equipment, expert services for engineering and certified safety training. Everything you need in one place. Our product-database contains over 450 unique products from reputable and competent suppliers such as JD Neuhaus, Petzl and Van Leusden and we have over 12,000 items in stock for hire. Our location in Haugesund and Stavanger gives good access to, and close contact with, customers, dealers and suppliers. Our workshop is modern, with all the necessary control equipment.

The purpose of the enterprise are to ensure the a competitive, environment, environmentally friendly and overall business development for the municipality. This includes the responsibility for developing tourism and site development for both housing and industry. The enterprise will work to contribute to housing construction in all parts of the municipality. The enterprise aims to be responsible for the management and development of the municipality's harbor areas in accordance with the Port and Maritime Act. 


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